Tisa Community Finance Limited (TCFL) is wholly owned subsidiary of Teachers Savings and Loans Society (Tisa) and the members of TISA are the beneficiaries. TCFL was established in 2016 to give Tisa members the opportunity to have access to additional financial services and products to affordable interest rates.

TCFL is an incorporated company under the Companies Act 1997 (as amended) and licensed under the Banks and Financial Institutions Act 2000 as a licensed financial.

TCFL’s main activity is to provide financial services and products to the retail and commercial segment, including Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). Loan products are tailored to meet the needs of its targeted segments and form a partnership to support clients grow their individual and business wealth.

TCFL represented in 17 provincial centers nationwide and operates out of Tisa’s branch network. This makes it convenient for its existing and potential clients to have access to TCFL products and services.

TCFL started operations with a capital of K8m. In year 2020, TCFL’s total assets were K84.4m with Equity of K44.4m. TCFL active clients are now over 3,000 and steadily growing.     

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